Service & Technique

One contact point for all your sheets and profiles, from stock (about 40,000 tons) as well as from rolling, supplied quickly and professionally.

Whatever your requirement for processed plate our range of plate cutting equipment ensures we can offer exactly what you require.

The following list summarises our facilities:
1.High Definition Plasma Cutting up to 100mm thick
2.Oxy Gas Cutting up to 400mm thick
3.Laser Cutting up to 25mm thick
4.Water Jet Cutting up to 150mm thick.
5.We can handle plate up to 35 tonnes in weight, 4.5m wide and 20m in length.

We can take your drawings via our DXF links, cut the parts, and deliver to any location throughout the world.

Our latest equipment addition utilizes the Infinity skew plasma cutting head technology and we continue our mission to make the latest profiling methods readily available to our customers; strengthening our ability to support both the highest quality standards and further improve our very short delivery times from order.

Working with our team of quality assured subcontractors we can provide you with parts ready for final assembly.

One order and a single point of contact at Brown McFarlane take the problem from your desk and provide you with a complete supply chain.

A summary of the services we offer are as below:
Weld preparations, shaped and straight, single and double, up to 110mm thick
Grinding – plate size up to 2 metres x 2 metres
Drilling and tapping – plates up to 20 metres long
Pressing up to 12 metres in length
Machining – fully CNC machined parts with up to 1 tonne piece weight
Shotblasting & painting – plate sizes up to 18 metres x 3 metres
Rolling – up to 4 metres wide and up to 150 mm thick
Rolled shells
Dished ends
Clad plates

One contact point for rolled strips with non-standard dimensions, precisely the length, width and thickness you have specified, supplied quickly and professionally.

Coil Packages
Packed with special paper , PE – film and steel box , steel cylinder / Carton sleeve.
Strong steel protectors inside and perforated outside , strapped with steel strips 5 x 5 / 4x 4
Labeling: Three waterproof labels per each coil; Two on the sides , One on inner diameter of the
Each coil bears One standard sticker “HANDLE WITH CARE”

Sheet Packages
Packed with water-proof paper inside ,and steel box out side ,Hollow sections are fixed under
each bundle.
Stapped with strips 3x 4 / 2x 3
Labeling : two waterproof labels on sides per each bundle
Each bundle bears one standard sticker “HANDLE WITH CARE”

Loaded In Container
Coil  Loaden In Container
a.    Eye To Door
b.    Eye To Wall
c.    Eye To Sky

Sheet Bundle In Container
Wooden skids and steel wire will make the bundles safer during the transport-
tation in the container.

All types of mechanical testing (including non-standard company-specific tests) in collaboration with leading specialists.
We are able to provide the following material testing services both in-house and by NAMAS approved test houses.
HIC to NACE MR0175
Sulphide Stress Cracking (SSC)
Ultrasonics to BS/EN/ASME Standards
Charpy Impacts
Through Thickness Tensile (TTT)
Bend Test
Tests on Post Weld Heat Treated (PWHT) Samples
Elevated Temperature Tests
Re-certification by producing mills
Check Analysis
All tests can be witnessed by third party inspectors such as Lloyds/DNV/ABS etc.
In addition the comprehensive list of testing above, Brown McFarlane can also provide individually tailored inspection services specific to client’s requirements which can be anything from a simple third party first cut inspection through to a 100% documented QA inspection plan and record.

Worldwide delivery from door-to-door in accordance with the Incoterms, fully arranged for you (all types of transport).