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Generate Electricity

FUJINAWA alloy provide you with reliable products in the future development of the power industry in the power generation industry, you need your expertise and enjoy the outstanding service. Our material in power generation have a lot of use, which are, coal thermal power plants, nuclear power plants and energy recycling. Due to different working […]

Heat Treatment

FUJINAWA product is mainly used for baskets, shrouds and other parts for transport into the industrial furnace heat treatment apparatus. In the industrial furnace, our alloy is mainly used for radiation control, fan, muffle furnace, the inner cover, belt and so on. RA330 because of its high strength, carburization resistance and has a high resistance […]

Chemical Treatment

As a global supplier of special alloy chemical industry, Bo alloy proud. We covered a lot of inventory of different types of corrosion-resistant alloy, stainless steel, two-way steel, as well as our patented products ZERON® 100 and AL-6XN®. These alloys have excellent properties in chemical processing environment. We have taken a cautious approach to ensure […]

Materials of Airplane

Present, the world’s airlines, and the entire aerospace industry are language brutal competition. In addition to the safety of passengers also have very high requirements, future aircraft must be as light as possible and fuel-efficient.Innovation is not limited to the development of new composite materials and new alloys. Importantly, the aerospace industry, how to obtain […]

Construction Machinery

Heavy loads, dirt and debrisExtreme temperatures and other extreme conditions. These conditions make cement and minerals in maintaining continuous operation when the machine is very difficult, even dangerous. Risk workers were injured and there is always the unexpected downtime.In addition, global demand although metal ore, cement, coal is increasing, the high cost and strict rules, […]

Energy & Chemistry Industry

Petroleum and Natural Gas IndustryExpected in the next 20 years, global demand for oil and gas will increase by 30%. Despite the fierce competition, labor conditions and laws and regulations, the petroleum and natural gas industry are trying to search the upstream’s new energy sources, midstream and downstream to enhance efficiency. Whether you are focused […]

Engineering Machinery Industry

Heaven has endowed me with talents for eventual useSince the trend of globalization, the demand for passenger and freight worldwide rapidly growth, accompanied by the rail transportation has become an important future market. Today, the rail infrastructure has become one of the most important factors in the success of the regional economy. The rail transport […]